"Ummmm, WOW!  Just W-O-W.  I had no idea it could feel like that!"

~  A.L,  32  y.o. woman, Mother of 3

"Be careful with this one!  You may not be as inclined to the "bedroom" orgasm anymore.  This is addictive!"

~  J.M,  43  y.o. man,  V.P. of Sales

" My gateway to multiple orgasms!  I've tried all the other toys.  THIS IS DIFFERENT!"

~ M.M.  32  y.o. woman, Administrative Assistant.

"My wife and I have different libidos.  I want sex every day, she is annoyed by that.  It has stressed our marriage a great deal over the years, until SO!.  With SO!, I get my daily orgasm and have a happy wife.  She's even joined me a few times!  Talk about a great start to the day!"

~B.L.  49  y.o.  Husband, Father, and C.F.O.

"After a few years together, my partner and I wanted to liven up our sex life.  We tried vibrators, massagers, and toys, but this.... this is our favorite.  He enjoys counting how many big O's I can have, and sometimes it continues on to the bedroom afterward.  It works!"

~A.J.  27  y.o.  Med Student

"I'm single and although I love the occasional romp-in-the-sheets, the SO! Device gives me easy pleasure without the pressure of pleasing a partner.

~O.T.   31  y.o. man,  Restaurant Owner

"A phenomenal way to start your day. I love it because it is fast, easy and available anytime I want it, in complete privacy"

~M.E., Speech Therapist and mother of 4