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Is my purchase from The Orgasm Company private and discreet?

Yes:  Your privacy and confidentiality are important to us.  We ship and bill under the acronym T.O.C. to respect privacy and keep your purchase discreet.  Although we are not a restricted or pornographic site, we understand the need to keep our company name off your doorstep and bank records.  

Is SO! hard to assemble?

No:  The SO Device is easy and fast to install.  The first time installing it might be the trickiest, since you have probably not removed your shower head in a while.  If you find your current shower head is hard to remove, use a wrench and some WD-40  to loosen it up (remember, righty-tighty-lefty-loosey).  Once your shower head is loose, unscrew it the remainder of the way and screw your SO Device on  instead.  That’s it!  You are ready to rock-n-roll 

Do I need to change my shower head each time?

No. SO! can be used as a regular shower head.  In fact, using SO! as your shower head can save up to 35% of the water you would have used.  Good for you AND  the environment!   

If you choose to switch your shower head back, simply unscrew the SO Device and replace it with your previous shower head.  

How is the SO! Device different from my normal shower stream?

Well, we can’t give away our secret, but simply put, the patented SO! Device turns the water into a breathtaking stream of pleasure if you choose to use it on the more intimate parts of your body. It will  turns the waters momentum into a  gentle pressure to caress your sensitive areas with the exact pressure needed to bring a deep, whole body orgasm.

Can I order SO! in different colors? Shapes? Sizes?

For now, the SO! Device is only available in it’s current form.  We are working on different versions, colors, and decorative wraps to make your SO! truly yours.  Join our email list or stay tuned to our Happy Endings blog for new products and promotions!

Can the SO! be used as an insertion tool as well?

No. Nope. Never.  SO! Device is strictly designed to be used only as a shower head.  That said, because it is a hands free device, you are welcome to bring your other toys in the shower with you and use them simultaneously.  Better yet, bring your partner and turn up the steam!

Still have questions?  Feel free to call or contact us through the website.  Our response times are EPIC.