Directions & Disclaimer

Directions For Installation & Use


To Install Your SO! Device:

SO! can easily replace your shower head for daily use. The warm, comfortable flow has enough power to easily wash shampoo and conditioner out of your hair. It can also save water and energy*. 

If you prefer to use your regular shower head, and only use SO for special occasions, you are in luck.  SO! can easily be installed/ uninstalled before and after each shower. 

Shower heads work very well when tightened snugly by hand. Simply unscrew your regular shower head, and hand tighten SO! in its place. When installing your SO! device, it is best to grasp the actual ringed area at the top of SO!, rather than handling the cone-shaped housing.  When you are finished, simply unscrew SO! and replace your regular shower head. It only takes a few seconds, and is well worth it! 

Tips and Troubleshooting:

Some shower heads can be difficult to loosen or remove at first. This is due to water sentiment that has built up over the years, hardening the shower head to the plumbing pipe. Metal shower heads can be especially challenging and may require the use of plyers to loosen.  Please see the link below for the best tips to loosen a sticky shower head. 


Rest assured you should only have to do this procedure once and it will be well worth it the small amount of time invested. Suggestion: Plumbers tape is always a good idea when you are connecting any plumbing device. 

Directions For Men:

After installing SO! and testing that the water is the right temperature, lie on your back in your tub or shower, and direct SO!’s patented water stream to the underside of the penis near the Frenulum (the sensitive part of the penis just below the Corona (the head of the penis, not the beer). You will instantly feel the unique pleasure that SO! provides.  Experiment by letting the water stream hit different parts of the area. Keep the stream where the vibrations feel best and soon you will experience an orgasm like no other. We call it a SO!-rgasm, and you’re welcome.

TIPS: Occasionally in life, there is a need for Captain Obvious, so please excuse the redundancy. Please remember that you are directing the water stream to your skin, and not just any skin, but your most sensitive skin. Test the water temperature before directing the water to your penis. We recommend letting the water hit the inside of your wrist before continuing with SO!’s intended use. If it is too hot for your wrist, do not continue, but instead reduce the water temperature until it is at a comfortable level for you. We’re not going for a weenie roast here.

Direction for Women:

After installing SO! and testing the water for a comfortable temperature, direct SO!’s patented water stream to your clitoris (the small “bead” located between the inner folds of the vulva (labia minora), near the top). This can be done while sitting or standing, whichever your prefer. Don’t worry if your clitoris is not visible at the beginning of your experience. As you are aroused by the vibrations of the water, the clitoris will swell making it easier to find. Most women have found it easiest to begin using SO! with one foot resting on the edge or ledge of the tub/shower to separate the labia allowing SO!’s patented vibrations to reach your clitoris easily. You may also opt to gently separate the labia with one hand and keep both feet on the shower floor. 

Once SO!’s water stream is caressing your sensitive parts, you should immediately feel pleasurable sensations both inside and out. Continue to stay relaxed and your first SO! orgasm experience will follow. Here at so, we like to call it a SO!-rgasm, and it’s your lucky day because with SO!, multiple SO!-rgasms are easily obtained! 

You can increase/ decrease the water pressure from SO! Directing the device downward (less distance between the device and your body) will increase the pressure from the water stream. Directing the device upward to create more of an arch will lessen the pressure of SO!. Experiment with different angles and pressures to find your best pleasure. Since SO! can be used hands free, feel free to bring other waterproof toys into the shower with you.

TIPS: Please do not insert SO! into any areas of the body. It is only meant to be used as a shower head. Please test the water temperature on your inner wrist before directing the water to your sensitive vaginal areas.

Directions for Couples:

We are going to assume you know how to get things going and need no further instructions from us. We only ask one thing, you follow the rules above and let your creativity ride!


So! is meant for external use only and should not be inserted into any part of the body or used in any deviation other than that specifically listed in the directions.  Please read and follow the directions carefully, only using SO! as directed.  Please be mindful of the water temperature and do not exceed temperatures of 105 degrees Fahrenheit or that which feels comfortable for you. Before using SO!, please sit down or hold onto a firm surface inside your shower in the event weakness or dizziness may occur.  Do not use with excessive water pressure as it could damage the device.  By purchasing/using SO!, you agree to release Jellybowl, LLC, and/or The Orgasm Company, LLC from any liability that may occur during or after use.  The SO! Device is designed to produce stronger than usual orgasms.  If you feel this may endanger your health in any way, please consult with your doctor before use.  

The SO! Device is proudly made in the U.S.A.  

SO!, The SO! Device, and the SO! Device trademark and logo are patented and protected by all copyright/ patent laws. Violators will be pursued to the full extent of the law.

Patent No.  13/589,710

All Rights Reserved

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