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Welcome to The Orgasm Company!  We are team of wellness-minded women and men that recognize and promote the innumerable benefits of orgasms for overall health and well-being.  Yes, we are serious.  No, we are not hippies.

But....  Orgasms?  Why??

Yes!!  Isn't that incredible?  Orgasms are one of life's greatest gifts and the scientific and empirical evidence continues to mount regarding the positive effects of orgasms on mental and physical health. Think about it...  It is a natural rush of the exact levels of endorphins, dopamine, oxitocin and seratonin your body needs, to offer vitality of life, moods, and positivity. Delivered through pleasurable means, I would say it doesn't get any better than that!

But....   How??

It is our primary goal to bring more positive energy, health, happiness and excitement to the people around us through the power of orgasm.  Through this devotion, we have invented and patented a new device (enjoyed in the privacy of your own shower) that uses the natural power of water to bring your body to orgasm.  It is meant for both men and women (can be used together or individually) and is a revolutionary new method that produces "stronger-than-usual" orgasm due to the unique water stream produced within our product.  Think gentle, caressing strength bringing a whole body experience that leaves you thinking "this is what I have been missing."     

Our Signature SO! Device


We are proud to introduce a patented, revolutionary, one-of-kind orgasmic device that will produce an unusually deep, intense orgasm (or more!) This uniquely patented water stream is the answer to your orgasmic pleasure.  Simply replace your current shower head with the SO! Device for the most intense, mind-blowing orgasms you will ever experience. 

Handcrafted for you!

We lovingly handcraft every SO! Device especially for you upon order. Because they are individually assembled, every SO! is carefully tested and inspected to produce the extraordinary result only a SO! can.  The secret to the intensity of the orgasm experience of SO! is the hands free, continuously gentle vibrating pressure that SO! enables through the entire orgasmic experience from the build up through the climax. It is one of the most intense orgasms you will ever have, and has been said to develop into multiples on occasion. It is meant for both men and women, and can be used with or without a partner. 

Another handheld massager? 

Nope!  We are not a massager, or like any other toy you've previously tried. Though if you have ever experienced the pleasure of a Jacuzzi or pool jet, you may get the basic idea.  We are a separate category entirely. Due to that, we ask that you do not insert the SO! Device internally as it is meant for external use only.  Read more in FAQ's/ Disclaimer.  We are not a porn site so you won't find any black boxes or blocked content here, although your privacy and confidentiality are important to us.  We ship and bill under the acronym T.O.C. to respect privacy and keep your purchase discreet.  So while you won't find unmentionables here, you will find your way to pure pleasure!  Once you have a SO! orgasm, you will know what we mean. A SO! orgasm is the best orgasm. 

There are many types of orgasms, though nothing like the SO! orgasm. Have you had a  SO!gasm? If not you are missing out. 

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"A phenomenal way to start your day. I love it because it is fast, easy. 

Janice  R.N

"Be careful with this one!  You may not be as inclined to the "bedroom" orgasm anymore.  This is addictive!"

~  J.M,  43  y.o. man,  V.P. of Sales

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is my purchase from The Orgasm Company private and discreet?

Yes:  Your privacy and confidentiality are important to us.  We ship and bill under the acronym T.O.C. to respect privacy and keep your purchase discreet.  Although we are not a restricted or pornographic site, we understand the need to keep our company name off your doorstep and bank records.  

How is the SO! Device different from my normal shower stream?

Well, we can’t give away our secret, but simply put, the patented SO! Device turns the water into a breathtaking stream of pleasure if you choose to use it on the more intimate parts of your body. It will  turns the waters momentum into a  gentle pressure to caress your sensitive areas with the exact pressure needed to bring a deep, whole body orgasm.

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Directions for Installation and Usage and our Legal Disclaimer can all be found by clicking the button below.

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